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little black pants

Shoes: NineWest (old similar style here) Pants: White House Black Market (old but similar style here at H&M) Shirt: H&M (old) Bag: Kate Spade (similar style here)

The little black dress is a vintage treasure and a creation we will forever be grateful for to the fabulous Coco Chanel. It is an essential piece of clothing that every woman needs to have in her closet. This garment can be worn for any occasion. You can dress it up or dress it down. Black is naturally a slimming color that will look good on anyone. Chanel made the color black acceptable to be worn on occasions outside of mourning and funerals... However, this is about little black pants. I find them as an important item in my wardrobe because you can wear them for any occasion just as the little black dress. Depending on the style and the cut of them you can dress them up for special occasions or business meetings or dress them down for a walk in the park or something to travel in. Here is an example of how I wear my “little black pants” and why I can’t live without them. They are my go to just like a little black dress!

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