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I absolutely love walking down the street and seeing diverse styles every single individual has or sitting in a cafe and people watching. They are all different and no one has an identical style. It is something personal that belongs to you and you have the power to change. Style is what defines you in a way. It’s there in the choices you make. It is the first thing we notice when we meet a person (or at least I do) and plays a big part on first impression.

Style is your opportunity to express yourself and show that creative side. Regardless of what the latest fashion trend is, if it doesn’t look flattering or feel right for you, and doesn’t empower you in a way that makes you feel great - then don’t wear it. As Rachel Zoe says, “Style is not fashion”.

I find it inspiring to see people's styles. Perhaps that is why I love people watching so much. I get so many ideas and inspirations from observing how others chose to express themselves through their personal style. Don’t try to copy a trend just because it is popular. Draw inspiration from it and interpret it. If it is right for you go with it but don’t try to fit into a trend if it isn’t you. For example, crop tops are very in right now and have been for a few seasons. Before they became popular, I thought I would give it a try so I bought one. As soon as I got home and tried it on it just didn’t feel right. It’s not me. It’s not something I can pull off. I wish I returned it so it didn’t have to collect dust in my closet.

If I had to describe my clothing style I would say it’s feminine and classic and for anyone that knows me would probably agree because I love to wear dresses, floral patterns, high heels, and lipstick is always a must for me :) {This is how I paired up a casual outfit for a walk in the city or to run some errands or hang out with friends!}

Bag: Coach (click here for similar styles more affordable option OR Henri Bendel )

Black pants: WhiteHouseBlackMarket (click here for similar styles in H&M) Tunic: by Julie Billiart (similar tank/tunic found here) Necklace: Forever 21 (click here it's a GREAT DEAL)

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