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a versatile piece

Hello everyone. In this post I am going to show three variations of how to wear a swing dress. Whenever I go shopping I try to find items that will be versatile and I can wear for different types of occasions in various ways. Swing dress/ tunic-like dresses are great for that. In this first example I wore this bold, statement dress to the office. I know that in the summer it gets difficult trying to come up with things to wear to the office as it is often too hot for a business suit. This could be one of the options. I put a belt around my waist and paired it up with a white blazer. The simplicity of the blazer tames the eye-catching patterns of the dress and makes it less flashy. For the shoes I chose to wear orange pumps to go with the dress, however this outfit could have easily been paired up with white, black or another solid, neutral colored shoes. I chose to wear more of a statement earrings in this photos, however simple pearls or diamond or metal studs earrings would have been a more appropriate choice for a business/ more formal event. I wore my summer go-to, blush purse as the dress incorporated that color, however, since the dress is so colorful another pastel or light neutral color would have been great with this outfit, too. I would stay away from purses with big patterns and lots of blows and whistles as the dress has already so much personality, you don't want the two to clash. If the swing dress was black or another solid color, I could have chosen to wear a blazer that had more color. For example, if you pair up a black sing dress, don't be afraid to wear a colorful blazer with it OR a white dress with black/ blue blazer could be another possibility. And of course, if you work in a more conservative setting where navy, black, or gray office suits are the only options, then I wouldn't wear something like this. I would make sure to check with the dress code before experimenting with outfits like this.


This is an example of just wearing the dress naturally with a fun pair of shoes. You can wear it to a semi-formal event like a cocktail party, wedding reception or the wedding itself. Because this dress has already so much personality I would keep it simple and try not to accessorize it too much. If you want, you can add simple pieces of jewelry that will compliment the dress like a pair of pearls or diamond studs. Wedges in neutral colors like beige/brown or white would go well with this outfit, too.


In the last but not least variation, I combined the swing dress with a pair of jeans, turning the dress into a tunic. The belt holds the shapeless dress together in order to give some form to the outfit. I also tucked in the dress so it wouldn't be too long and look more like a tunic. In this example, I put my hair up in a loose up-do. If it was colder outside, you could pair up a cardigan. Again, since the dress is so bright and has a bold pattern, it is better to wear it with items that have solid colors. I paired this combination with a simple, long, gold necklace. This is not necessary as the dress does have a lot of details already. If the swing dress was in a solid color, I would go for a wider belt and a statement necklace that would add to the outfit. Thanks for reading!

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