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floral skirt

We all view ourselves differently from how others view us. When we look in the mirror, we never see what other people see in us, we tend to look at the reflection and search for imperfections or flaws. Women tend to be very hard on themselves and unnecessarily so. These perceived "flaws" are never that important or noticeable. We look at the mirror and make harsh judgements about ourselves without really seeing the whole picture. I know I do it everyday and find thousands of ways to critique myself.

I want this post to serve as a reminder for all of us today to stop being so harsh on ourselves. We are all beautiful because we are all daughters of Heavenly Father and "were all created in image of God" (Gen. 1:27). We are all unique and have beautiful characteristics. No one is alike and this incredible diversity is what makes each of us beautiful. I know it is easy to say it now, however, it is part of our human nature so it might be difficult to completely change that about ourselves. I have a friend who was going through a hard time, who I think is absolutely beautiful inside and outside. One day we were having one of our chats and she seemed to be down and sad. At one point she started being so critical about herself in ways that she shouldn't be. It made me upset to see her so angry with herself when I was seeing a completely different picture of her and the type of person she is. So I told her to list 5 things she loves about herself. It could be anything. Just something positive about what she has done, her skills, her appearance, anything positive. I know this sounds cheesy, but I just hate to see others being so harsh on themselves when in reality they are incredible, talented, beautiful people, that I often look up to. From now on, if you are having a bad day or just have a low self-esteem try this. You don't have to list those things to others, you can just say them in your head or write them down. Focus on those incredible characteristics that you do have! This is just my 2 cents about it, but back to fashion!

This is one of the reasons I LOVE clothes! A proper combination of clothes can make a person feel beautiful about themselves and boost their confidence. There are so many ways to minimize our least favorite features through the way we dress, and likewise to enhance our best ones. Proportion is the primary means to achieving a perfect balance to your appearance. It can be adjusted by strategically adding volume to certain areas. For example, a chiffon dress that moves around the body freely can hide those imperfections we often worry about. Or wearing something tighter/ with detail can accentuate our favorite features. Vertical and diagonal strokes on the clothing elongate the wearer. These are just a couple of ways to use clothes to our advantage.

Skirt: here are lots of great floral skirt options at ChicWish Black shoes: similar style Nordstrom

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