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Hi everyone! Here is some inspiration for those who love the Boho style or have been interested in trying it out! These are a few of my favorites.

1. Tie-back Shift Dress:

During the summer, I love to wear dresses. I think it is the easiest, most comfortable piece of clothing to put together. If you chose to wear a dress you don't need to worry about what will go well with it and frantically try on half of your closet in hopes of finding a perfect match (let's be honest we have all done it, and that probably made our room look like a closet threw up in it!!). I like this one because it is simple but has an original back to it.

2. & 3. Blouses:

Great blouses. 2. is more for a relaxed event. If you are worried about the lace up part, you can tie it up as tight or as loose as you want it to be. 3. White blouse with flare sleeves is a must for the summer. This top is not very demanding so it could be paired up with any other colors.

4. Fringe Cardigan:

Who doesn't need another cardigan? This one is great because of its neutral color it will go with anything. Honestly I would pair it up with any of the items posted above!

5. Kaimana Wide-Leg:

I LOVE THIS PAIR OF PANTS! They are such a great addition to the closet for the summer. Very comfortable and flattering. However, they run big, so if you do decide to get them I would recommend getting a size (maybe even two) smaller than you would usually get. *They are almost 50% off so hurry before they are gone!*

6. Daytripper dress:

This is such a classy, comfortable summer dress and once again could be appropriate for many occasions.

7. Slip Dress:

This is just a simple slip dress that is very comfortable and a perfect choice for the recent HOT, humid summer weather! It is very casual, however you could dress it up with a cardigan and a pair of hills and use it for various types of events.

8. The red jumpsuit: This is a fun one. For anyone who has been dreaming of purchasing a jumpsuit but has not been in luck with the fit, this might be the one. It is supposed to be a loose fit which is usually a safer option. Jumpsuits are hard to find especially if you prefer to wear different size for the tops from the bottoms, so don't get discouraged!

9. Flare jeans: The last photo with the flare jeans was inspired by the most recent episode of JoJo's outfit on the Bachelorette where the date involved a trip to Buenos Aires country side. I know we aren't in the 70s, however, trends tend to make a cycle and become fashionable again. I actually, love flare jeans. They are very flattering for any body type. And if you don't want to go crazy, you have an option to chose less dramatic flare jeans than the ones above and still get the same flattering fit. All these items are from either Nordstrom or Anthropologie and both of the stores are having GREAT SALES right now, so I thought I would share it with you! {Click on any picture and it will take you to where you could buy it!} Thank you for reading!

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