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Bohemian Halo Braid

Hi everyone! This is the first look to start off the week of wedding-guest outfit ideas in honor of the wedding season. During the week, you will be able to find various outfit combinations as well as some wedding tips! If you don't have a number of weddings to attend within the next few months, you can still use these outfit ideas for any other events so make sure to come back everyday this week! This particular outfit was inspired by the bohemian style. The flowy dress with big "bell-bottom" sleeves and floral pattern would be great for a semi-formal or even casual wedding. The wedges in combination with a simple over-the-shoulder bag completes the look. The halo braid adds to the bohemian touch.

Wedding Tip #1: make sure to read the wedding invitation for what the dress code is like.

I know this might seem like common sense, but there are so many types of weddings these days, so it is hard to predict what kind of style to expect. If the dress code is formal, I would recommend wearing a long dress or at least a high-low dress. For a formal wedding, I would also wear wedges or proper heels or nice flats. Sandals would not cut it for this kind of affair.

If the wedding is semi-formal / casual this dress would be a great fit! Occasionally, the wedding has a theme so make sure to check for color themes or believe it or not costume theme that you might have to get an outfit appropriate for! Also think ahead of the venue where the wedding will be. If it is going to be mostly outside in the grass or a barn then wearing a 4 inch stilettos is probably not the best idea. Your heel will keep falling through the ground and you simply won't feel comfortable all night. Another thought, wear the heels prior to the wedding. You don't want to have blisters and feel miserable for several hours.


Here is a second version of how I wore the same dress.

In this case, I wore the same dress and only changed my jewelry, hair style, and shoes. I think with this change, I could wear the same dress to a more elegant wedding. You can't go wrong with either of the combination, but this version just gives a different feel to the dress. I think the first version would be more fitting for a day wedding somewhere outside vs. the second combination would be a better fit for an evening, indoor wedding.

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