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fall is here?

Good morning everyone! FALL IS HERE! And yes I am so excited! In this post however, I wanted to address the process of changing your summer outfits to fall ones. Just because fall is here, it doesn't mean that you have to immediately start wearing sweaters, boots, scarves, (as much as I want to do so). Even though it's fall, at least in Virginia, the weather has stayed pretty hot (75-80 degrees).

A great way to transfer your wardrobe from shorts and summer dresses to more fall appropriate is pairing up the summer outfits with jackets! This weekend I wore a fun summer dress but with a jean jacket. Transfer your wardrobe into the fall mode by layering your summer clothes rather than drastically changing to sweaters, boots, and coats (been there done that).

Thank you for all the positive comments and emails! You guys are the best!

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