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  • Anna Makarova

cardigan sweater

Hi all,

the weather is getting colder, Christmas decorations are going up, I am getting finished with the finals, so it is officially my favorite time of the year.

During this time, I love to find new sweaters for the season. I love layering them with different blouses or as shown above, with dresses. I like to pair up sweater cardigans with basically anything throughout these cold months.

In this combination, the sweater serves as a jacket and a pop of color in the all-black outfit. Lately, I love wearing all black. I think the color is so classy, flattering, and goes with everything. However, with a baggy sweater I can spruce-up any all-black outfit.

Here is my selection of favorite sweaters this year! Check them out! And let me know what you think.

Banana Republic: Crewneck Pullover Camel sweater (on sale!!)

What's your favorite sweater? Comment below!

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