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  • Anna Makarova

a pop of color

Hi all,

Today has literally been the most beautiful day! It is beginning of February and the temperatures went up to 70s! Walking through my college campus made me want to spend the whole day outside. Whenever it is a beautiful day outside I just can't help but smile and no matter what goes wrong that day nothing can put me in a bad mood. However, at the same time I really want to have a snow day before Spring break. It's a very contradictory feeling... I either want it to be beautiful, warm and sunny or snowing! I just don't like the gloomy cold weather that comes in between haha. I know I am very particular :)

Anyways, here I paired up these fun brightly colored pieces. I think this can serve as a business casual outfit (definitely more on the casual side) but the blouse underneath dresses it up a bit. I love trying to layer up certain pieces of clothing that might not be usually worn together. It creates a brand new outfit in a way without having to buy a new one! So don't be afraid to experiment and pair up two tops that you might not usually wear together. Another option is a dress with a baggy sweater. This way you can utilize some of your summer wardrobe items during cooler times.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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