• Anna Makarova

on top of the world

It was such a coincidence that I wore this fun yellow top that day! Everywhere we went there were yellow flowers and I couldn't pass the opportunity and not take pictures among the flowers haha It felt unreal! No matter where you looked, left or right, there was a sea of yellow flowers <3

This was our last day in Georgia (the country not the state haha)! The trip to Georgia was absolutely wonderful! We arrived and stayed in Tbilisi, but almost everyday we went on day trips to different cities around Georgia. This country is rich in history, scenic nature, wine, and mineral water! My favorite part of visiting Georgia was by far how hospitable and welcoming the Georgian people are! They are so kind!

While traveling, I love trying different cuisines around the world! Well, Georgian food was one of my favorites! It was so unique and very delicious! Khinkali was my favorite dish! They're basically big dumplings but made with different fillings and I my favorite one was with mushrooms! There is a specific way to eat them and one can't spill any of the juices from a khinkali! They even have competitions where they see who can eat khinkali without spilling any juice!

Another fun fact about Georgia is that it was one of the first countries to produce wine! Georgian wine is very famous and they have a specific technique to make it! Each family makes their own wine at home which is an interesting tradition. Apparently, if you are invited to a Georgian home they have to give you wine, otherwise they wouldn't be good hosts. There are lots of vineyards and it's very picturesque!

This was one of my favorite spots! It's called Kazbegi! The views are absolutely breathtaking!!! There were people paragliding and it just seemed like a spot from a movie! If you are interested in seeing more pictures of Georgia or Kazbegi check out my mom's photography website!

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