• Anna Makarova

summer neutrals

I consider neutrals as a must-have items of my closet, just as important as a little black dress. Neutrals are great because not only can you mix and match them with other colors but you can also pair them up with each other. Don't get me wrong, I love a brightly colorful outfit every so often but without a few essential neutral pieces you will be lost with only bright colors. By having a few neutral pieces you automatically have twice as many outfit combinations. My favorite neutrals are blush, white, and cream. I bet you could have guessed that based on this outfit, huh? Having a pair of beige sandals or wedges for the summer is essential as you will be able to pair them up with any outfit! The block-heel sandals in this post have been coming up a lot during the summer posts because they truly go with everything, have an elongating effect on the leg due to their color, and are very comfortable because I was able to walk in one day 15+ miles in Paris (long story for some other time haha)! Each item of this outfit (except for the sunglasses) has been in my wardrobe for at least a year and some even three years and I feel like they won't go out of style. I am able to mix and match them with other items. Hope I was able to convince you of the importance of the summer neutrals! Here are some items that I love for this summer! Do you have any summer neutrals pieces that are your go-to? Free People Skirt

Zara Beige Blouse

Zara Off-the-should White Blouse

Nine West Block-heel Sandals

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