• Anna Makarova

windy day at the beach

While my fam and I were in Sochi, and the adventurous souls that we are, we decided to go to Abkhazia for a day. Some of you might have never heard of that place but it's a very tiny country between Russia, Georgia and is located on the Black Sea. It's warm there most of the year with palm trees throughout the country.

Even though it looks very tropical on the day we visited Abkhazia, it wasn't hot and was pretty windy which is why I was thankful I had my cardigan with me!

After our drive through some of the main sites of the country. Our tour guide took us to an abandoned palace called Georgia. It was a sad site to see because such a beautiful place has been basically destroyed. You could see remains of grand staircases, extravagant mosaics, and most of all stunning views from the windows that overlooked the Black Sea (See pictures below). It's hard to put it into words but even though the place has been destroyed by time and people there were still beautiful elements of it that prevailed and I loved that about the palace!

During the second part of the day, we visited the beautiful Lake Rica! The views were absolutely breathtaking. It's the most famous tourist destination in Abkhazia. The road to Lake Rica is part of a canyon which is also a nice part of the trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see more pictures that I posted from this trip.

While traveling, especially if you plan on going to various locations in one trip (like this one), it's important to pack diverse clothes without overpacking (it's been a hard task for me because I am known for overpacking). But I think I have finally mastered this skill! I might share a post about packing for long trips later. As I mentioned earlier in this post taking a cardigan with me saved the day. It's a light cardigan that's just perfect for the in-between weather. Layering clothes is important especially for unpredictable days/ weather. This cardigan looks amazing with skirts, dresses and pants. Here is a similar version that I found in Nordstrom that I thought I would share with you. Also it's great for the airplanes if you tend to get cold. This version has many different colors to choose from. I love my thin cardigan and plan to invest in other colors too! Thanks for reading! xoxo

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