• Anna Makarova

blue & orange


Yes, this post is in honor of my favorite place on earth, University of Virginia (orange and blue).

Wow! The past three weeks have been absolutely crazy. I have began my Masters in Commerce studies at the UVA and I can already tell this will be a challenging yet incredible year.

I truly enjoy being a student. I know this will sound nerdy but I love to learn! I love learning from others and being surrounded by so many inspiring people who motivate me to work harder every day!

I also love the atmosphere of a college campus and being so close to my friends. I think it's easy to take for granted this opportunity where all my college friends live within 10 minutes of me. It makes it so convenient to spend time with everyone so this year I really hope to take advantage of that and spend quality time with all the people that are dear to me.


I love combining different shades of one color into an outfit. For example, in this out I loved matching up different shades of blue. I think it makes an outfit look cohesive. However, that doesn't mean that I love everything to be too matchy. I think it's fun to take risks and mix and match colors or patterns that might not seem like they would go together, after all, fashion is all about creativity and expressing yourself!


Top: Loft (click here it's on sale!!!!)

Pants: old (similar here)

Shoes: NineWest (similar here)

Sunnies: BP (click here only $12)

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