• Anna Makarova

time to clean out our closets

We all have this tendency to grab the first piece of clothing that we see in the morning. Whatever is closest to the door of the closet, clothes on top of the clean laundry stack, or shirt at the top of a drawer. It's the easiest, it's the quickest, and most of the time it's risk free because we are used to wearing that item a lot. I know I have done it when I am in a hurry to class or when I am feeling lazy to create a new outfit combination.

What a shame that is though. What about the gems that are hidden in the back of your closet that you purchased and haven't been using as much as you thought you would? This is why it is a important to go through your closet every-so-often - say two to three times per year - to sort through the forgotten pieces. I know, I know... It is no ones favorite pastime to organize their closet or clean through the drawers, but it's a must and it's worthwhile. This is something I struggle with. Not the fact that I forget the dormant items that are in the back of my closet but the fact that I get attached to clothes and feel bad getting rid of them. I promise I am not a hoarder. Sometimes it's just hard to get rid of clothes because they might remind you of a special day. Sometimes you think you will never be able to find anything like that again... etc there are many reasons that we might lean towards but here is a list of things to think about when "cleaning out" your closet. It's something that helps me when I am going through my clothes. 1) This might seem like an obvious one but donate things that no longer fit you. Things that are wrong length even if it was your favorite pair of pants 5 years ago. It must go! There are very few people whose bodies don't change for many many years so most likely the pants you wore 10 years ago are probably no longer the best fit on you and don't look fresh.

Just because you can zip something doesn't mean it fits. That's why it's important to try things on when you are cleaning out the closet. I know it takes twice as long but it's guaranteed that you won't leave any unnecessary items.

Don't be afraid to get rid of a worn out item even if it served you for many years (unless it's a leather jacket, then it probably looks better than when it did when it was new).

When cleaning check collars, elbows, white shirts that are no longer white, tights with holes, armpits that are a different shade that the rest of the top, and heels of the shoes. And of course the rule that everyone knows if you haven't wore it for a couple of seasons then let it go. I can guarantee you will never wear it. 2) Things to keep! Hold on to classic, basic items. Good quality items that don't age. Items that never go out of style.

For example, a quality little black dress, 100 percent linen of cotton tops, cashmere pullovers that haven't balled up. Timeless black heels that don't look worn down. Even if you don't wear these items often they are classic pieces that are worth investing in general. And by going through a regular clean out of the closet you will be reminded that you have those items, so you are more likely to wear them on the regular basis. By organizing and cleaning things out you will remember things that you have and you will be able to spot new combinations more quickly. While you are cleaning it's a good time to try on combinations that you haven't worn before. That way you will know whether it's a good combo rather than frantically doing it in the mornings.

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