• Anna Makarova

leather look

When I was thinking of ways to title this look, the adjectives that came to mind were cozy and leather... haha are those two adjectives even compatible? Well, they are compatible in this outfit!

Leather pieces are such great investments! They will serve you for years to come and stay in good conditions. I especially like leather jeans. It's kind of a mix between the two. They are so great!! The knees never get stretched out after sitting for a long time and nothing gets stuck to them like lint.

My top is also leather shell. Some might say it's too much leather for one outfit. But I don't think it's bad since I added the cardigan sweater. Leather shouldn't just be associated with bikers and concerts! You can wear it anywhere, except perhaps a conservative office space. But other than that, feel free to incorporate more leather in your daily outfits! It's fun to mix up different fabrics in out combination like this one above.

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Here are these leather jeans

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Thank you for reading! Happy Wednesday! :)

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