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  • Anna Makarova

holiday work party attire

Hi All,

Here is a quick guide for work holiday parties! I had people ask for advice of what one can wear to a holiday party so here are a couple ideas. Of course, it depends on where you work. If you work in a more conservative place such as a bank or law firm it's better to choose safer outfits. What I mean by that is, covered shoulders, longer skirts, and less sequin (save the sequin for non-work holiday events ;) ) However, in such instances don't be afraid to add color to your work holiday attire. Here are some options..

You can never go wrong with the little black dress.

Gold with black is always a great color-combo for the holidays.

This is a great option in this beautiful holiday color. Also comes in black.

If you are going to your work holiday party right after work and the outfit has to be appropriate for both work dress code and the celebration, consider pairing up a festive, red blouse with a pencil skirt. Like this

Another option is to wear a red blouse with black trousers and statement heels. Here are a couple more red blouses that I love.

And how fun and festive are these pants? Of course, you can always wear classic trousers but if you want to change things up for the holidays these lace pants are a way to go!

And here are some heels

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