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  • Anna Makarova

Guide to Mykonos
simply chic by anna
guide to Mykonos

Hi All,

Long time coming, but finally was able to put together a recap of and recs for Mykonos. This was such a fun place and definitely want to make my way back there one day. It's a perfect destination if you are looking for relaxing vacation with many beaches and great party scenes.

We stayed in Harmony Boutique Hotel which was so cute! The decor at the hotel was very beautiful. You could tell that every piece was thoughtfully added in order to create special ambiance. It was also in walking distance to the Little Venice, Windmills, and several other famous attractions. The pictures above were taken at this hotel.

Things to do:

1. Windmills - these date back from 16th century. There are a few of them throughout the island and when you climb to the top of the hills where these are located you also get a great view of the villages from the top!

Larisa Crockett Photography
Larisa Crockett Photography
simply chic by anna

2. Little Venice

Larisa Crockett Photography

3. Get lost in the cute, little streets of Mykonos - this is the best way to familiarize yourself with the villages and where everything is. And truly it's impossible to get actually lost so definitely worth taking your time to wander around when you first get to the island.

Larisa Crockett Photography
Larisa Crockett Photography
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Larisa Crockett Photography

5. Paraportiani Church - this is such a unique church and as my mom described it looks like it's made out of cream cheese haha.

6. Day trip to Delos Island - this was such a cool experience. This island is full of history. According to Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis were born here which is why this used to be religious center during B.C. times. They are working on excavating the island and there are many things that have been restored which is crazy to think about how much of history that city lived through.

7. Psarou, Ornos, Paraga Beaches are great options if you want to spend a relaxing day on the beach.

8. Night life recommendations: Semeli and Caprice are popular bars in Little Venice. 180 Sunset Bar is a fun place to catch a magical sunset from Panigirakis castle.

9. Restaurant recommendations: Captain's, Alegro Restaurant, Raya Restaurant, Cosmo Cafe, Lalala.

Photographs brought to you by Larisa Crockett Photography


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