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  • Anna Makarova

tweed in Paris

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fashion blog Paris
fashion blogger NYC
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simply chic by Anna blog
simply chic by Anna blog
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simply chic by Anna blog

Hi All,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy as we experience an unprecedented time.

While shopping and fashion might not be on the top of everyone's mind right now, I hope this blog serves as a distraction from everything that is going on and inspiration for the future when we can leave the house again :)

This was shot a month ago when my roomies and I planned a spontaneous trip to Paris. It was such a dream to be back in one of my favorite places in the world!

When in Paris, I had to incorporate tweed into the wardrobe, naturally inspired by a classic Chanel tweed suit. Not many fashion items have withstood the test of time quite like the iconic Chanel suit.

Coco Chanel originally introduced it in 1920's and it has been symbolic ever since then. Chanel was known for mixing traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity and was one of the first designers to address that menswear was more comfortable than pre-war women's fashion at that time. Chanel pushed for women to leave restrictive corsets and to wear outfits that allowed women to move freely.

Here is an affordable variation of it. This skirt is currently 30% off and is under $50. It is also a perfect transitional piece into spring!

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