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  • Anna Makarova

engagement post

Hi All,

This has been a long time in the making and I have been meaning to sit down and write out our proposal story. Truly it was the best day! <3

Back story, the day Danny proposed we were vacationing in Hilton Head Island which is a special place for both of us. Both of our families vacationed there growing up and we have been there together several times.

To preface this, I had no idea that Danny was going to propose on this trip. While I knew that he is the one and we would eventually get married, I didn't think it was going to happen that week so needless to say it was the BEST surprise!!! The main reason why I didn't think it was going to happen that week is because Danny had a crazy busy year so I didn't think he had time to ring shop, plan it all etc. Also I think it's pretty hard to surprise me so major props to Danny for all the planning and coordinating that went into it! He is the best :)

That week in Hilton Head, my mom joined our trip, along with Danny's parents and sister-in-law (Meghan). The way it all played out made sense and I didn't really get suspicious that several members of our families were there. We did a family trip with both of our parents back in March so it wasn't out of the blue for all of us to be in Hilton Head together.

I have always wanted to do a couples photoshoot on the beach and because my mom was in Hilton Head and we had time she suggested that we should do one so that evening (golden hour) we were planning to do a photoshoot on the beach. Again, zero suspicion here because my mom is a photographer and this is not unusual for us to do a photoshoot together. I did get a tad suspicious when everyone kept asking what I decided to wear to the photoshoot on the beach (seemed like everyone cared a little too much about my outfit LOL) but I quickly dismissed the thought that Danny might propose that day because as mentioned earlier I truly didn't think he had the time to plan, shop for the engagement ring and all that goes into that.

The night before, we all went on a walk on the beach which is when Danny was scoping out the exact spot where he wanted to propose. In hindsight, I should have wondered why Danny kept walking off away from the group and check out random spots on the beach haha! But I didn't put the two together until after the proposal when everyone shared the full story of all that went into scheming and planning for our special day :)

We started our photoshoot and took some pictures by the golf course, among the gorgeous HHI moss trees, bridge over a lagoon as we were walking towards the beach... Once we started entering the beach by the dunes Danny started reminiscing on our first date and talked about us and some other very special things that I will keep between us but let's just say the boy knows how to melt my heart ;) Danny's proposal was absolutely beautiful and hands down my favorite moment ever!

Of course, my talented mom was able to capture the moment from a few feet back between the dunes with a beautiful ocean in the background. Truly a dream!! And after that we walked on the beach, savored that sweet moment and met up with the rest of the family. And the night continued with a celebration at one of our favorite Hilton Head restaurant.

After our week in Hilton Head, we headed to VA as we had plans to go to our friends' wedding that weekend. Little did I know that on top of the proposal Danny and our friends planned a sweet surprise celebration in Richmond. Thank you to our friends for coming from all over the East coast to celebrate!

And now, we are planning our big day!! More blog posts to come on all of that.

Can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends and become Mr. & Mrs <3

(Pure happiness^^^)

Post engagement celebrations with out our loved ones :)


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