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  • Anna Makarova

favorite tie dye pieces

Hi All,

As tough as social distancing is and we might all be losing our mind a bit cooped up at silver-lining in all of this is that we get to wear athleisure/loungewear outfits all the time!

One tip that I have for working from home is to get dressed daily. Don't stay in the same outfit you sleep in /stay in your PJs all day. Getting dressed even if it's just into a different athleisure outfit in the morning will make you feel better about yourself and cause you to be more productive. With tie dye being an on-going trend, I wanted to share some of my favorite tie dye loungewear pieces. The top that I am wearing in these pictures is so cozy and soft and is made out of light material so it's not chunky like a sweatshirt. Last time I checked, some of the sizes in this specific top were sold out so I will keep my eye out for when it gets restocked. In the meantime, you can scroll through some other tie dye pieces that I also love :)

Have a great day!!


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