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  • Anna Makarova

little black dress - summer edition

Hi Friends,

Happy Thursday! We are so close to the weekend! :)

Today, I wanted to share how versatile little black dresses (LBD) are. If you have been following the blog for a while, you probably noticed how much I care about an item being versatile. If you are going to spend money on a item it's important to get as much use out of it as possible, especially if it's a luxury piece.

A little black dress is a must in every women's wardrobe. It's a timeless piece that will never go out of style and I am sure you already know that... In this blog post, however, I want to spotlight how versatile LBDs are in terms of seasons and functionality. Here I am showing how you can styles a LBD in two different ways (casual and dressy) this summer.

In the first look, I styled the dress in a casual way with white sneakers and a tee-shirt underneath. This is perfect for day-to-day activities - hanging out with friends, running errands, shopping etc. Depending on how casual your office is, you could maybe even wear this combo to work (once we are no longer WFH). I love the fit of this French Connection dress and it is still available in most sizes if you want to try it out!

In the second look, I kept things simple and let the dress speak for itself with a pair of two statement accessories that complemented the LBD. While the snake print accessories can be a lot, in this case, I think the black portions of the pattern go well with the color of the dress. In this look, LBD serves the purpose of a cocktail dress for a fancier occasion. Of course, you could also dress it down by adding a t-shirt with fashion sneakers or throwing a jean jacket over it.

Each season I will style a little black dress in a couple of different ways that are appropriate for that specific season. So keep an eye out for that LBD - fall edition post in September/ October...


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