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  • Anna Makarova

Mother's Day Gift Guide & other ideas

Hi All,

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide of potential gift ideas for moms. These are gifts of various price points and split into categories of what moms might enjoy.

To start off, here is a general category with gift ideas that moms might like. Flowers are always a great option! Who doesn't love receiving flowers?! If you want the gift to last though, Anthropologie has the cutest selection of dry flowers that will last and be a great addition to the home decor.

Another gift idea, is a getting a scrap book or a photo album for your mom. That gift could turn to be even sweeter if you and your mom spend time together scrapbooking precious memories or putting the images together into the photo album.

Similar to that, you can get a cute frame and put a picture of you and your mom for a gift with a more personal touch.

Another simple option that would be useful gift is a card holder or a wallet. I don't know about you guys, but it's something you always (daily) use and gets worn out fast. So gifting a new one could never hurt.

Up next, is a cute, dainty necklace idea that I found on Etsy. It's a personalized necklace with your mom's birth flower. Etsy is a great place to explore other personalized gift options such as the engraved wooden board that says "I love you mom".

If your mom doesn't love gifts or you feel like she is difficult to shop for, then a creative gift could be gifting her with an experience. You can buy a workout class that both of you can attend virtually (or later on when things are back to normal). You can also get tickets to see your favorite singer together. Quick tip though, maybe buy a ticket further out since a lot of events have been getting canceled. This is a great gift as you two will get to spend time together and it will be something to look forward to :)

Now off to the next category of are some ideas for a mom who loves fashion and dressing up!

Here, the options are endless... I think dainty, layering jewelry is a great gift option. One necklace has stars on it which you could get for your mom to remind her she is a star, I know cheesy but cute gift and a nice thought! ;)

Fashion sneakers could be a great gift. Vejas are super cute and are not as expensive as Golden Goose sneakers.

I also included Kendra Scott bracelet that can be personalized with your mom's birth stone.

Scarf is always a safe gift option, of course Burberry scarf is a splurge gift but there are other option available, too!

Sandals could also be a great gift with the weather warming up! Here is a pair that I really love.

If your mom already has a lot of jewelry, you could get her a beautiful jewelry stand as shown in the image above OR a jewelry case.

The next category of gifts that I pulled together is for the outdoorsy gals! I think these gifts would be perfect for moms who love spending time outdoors.

I might be bias (considering going on a picnic is one of my favorite things to do), but I think picnic baskets are the best gift! It's not something you would buy for your self which makes it a great gift. In the current situation, going on a picnic (while maintaining a social distance) or even just doing a picnic with your family is such a fun idea to switch things up and do something special. You can even use this gift and go on a picnic with your mom on the actual Mother's Day :)

If your mom loves to run or workout, I think Adidas tennis shoes would be a great gift. This pair has amazing reviews!

If your mom enjoys hikes, get her a small Patagonia tote that she can use on her next adventure.

I also included one of my favorite Lululemon leggings, In Movement. They are so comfortable and feel very soft.

Hydroflask and Swell bottles can also be awesome gifts. Great for that outdoorsy gal to stay hydrated!!

And last but definitely not least in this category is the Bucket List book. I love this amazing coffee table book (my mom has it) and I am sure your mom will love it, too. This is especially great if your mom loves to travel. This book can serve as an inspiration for her next adventure and maybe you can join her for it, too!!

Here are some gift options for a mom who has an appreciation for a cozy night in! This section is filled with gifts that everyone would love.

A pair of cute PJs or a comfy robe or Barefoot Dream lounge cardigan. My mom has this Ugg robe and absolutely loves it! I got it for her for Christmas. It's warm but is not chunky like some of the fleece robes.

Throws and candles make great gifts and an update to the home decor.

For a mom who is a tea or coffee lover, I tagged a tea kettle and a coffee maker.

I haven't tried this yet, but Slip released sleeping mist that you can spray on your pillow before going to bed and it's supposed to provide a calming effect and help you sleep better.

This section of the gift guide is for a busy-boss-lady mom who is always on the go. The assortment of potential gifts includes cute planners and notebooks. In addition to that, I found floral tupperware if your mom packs her lunches.

Tory Burch tote is more of a splurge but it's a great work bag and comes in good neutral colors such as the one shown above so it would go with any outfit.

Cute office supplies are also a nice gift for someone who spends (of used to spend) majority of her time in the office so I included a couple organizational items for a desk.

This category is for a mom who loves to cook and is a master chef of the house! I found cute aprons, great cook books, a beautiful pot with ornate flowers, and many other nifty things that would make a lovely gift.

A fun idea could be getting a few of these items and putting together a themed basket as a gift for your mom. For example, get a matching apron, an oven mitt, and spatulas that all have the same pattern.

I also included a cocktail shaker which can be paired up with a mixology class for both of you so you can spend sometime together and it's a gift of an experience! If you live in NYC, I highly recommend taking Liquid Lab mixology class. They do an amazing job organizing the class with unique drink recipes and a dinner as part of the class.

YAY! You made it to the last gift category. I know it's a long post but I really wanted to come up with ideas for moms with various interests! This category is perfect for a mom who loves skincare and beauty products OR a mom who deserves a "treat yo self" moment.

Drunk Elephant is an incredible skincare line. I have only used a couple of their products but loved the results I have seen. Here is an option to get travel size of a lot of their products which is a great way to test it out before committing to full size since it is on a pricy side.

"Beauty Blooms" box linked above is a cute, little surprise. There are smaller boxes within the large one which is a fun gift that keeps on giving haha! Some of the things in it are perfumes, moisturizers, cleansers, and other beauty treatments.

Another option is to give a Le Labo set. It has four different scents so it's a great opportunity for your mom to try it out before committing to a specific scent. Personally, some of my favorite scents are from Le Labo. I also included Jo Malone which is my other perfume go-to and this set can be a nice gift.

YSL lipstick is one of my favorites so when I found this gift set I thought it would be a great gift for Mother's Day. It has three different shades so she can use it for various occasions or times of year. Sometimes, a lipstick can dry out your lips but I have never had that issue with YSL so highly recommend :) Another lipstick option tagged above is Charlotte Tilbury. It's a great long-lasting lipstick.

Next up is a lipstick holder. It's a beautiful "gold" item which is a great gift if your mom is already a beauty queen and has many of these products. It will be a great gift to organize lipsticks and serve as a decor piece on her vanity table.

My mom loves Lancome and she bought this set during the Sephora sale because it has a little bit of everything. So I thought your mom might also enjoy this!

Last in this category is the cute mini fridge for skincare products. Your mom can keep it on her vanity table or bathroom counter. It a perfect gift for a skincare "guru"!!


I also wanted to share some cute DIY projects that you could do as a gift for your mom. I know my parents love it when I make something myself for their gifts. They say it's more meaningful that way so here are some ideas if that's more up your alley :)


In addition to that, here are some fun activities that you could do with your mom if her or your love language is quality time :)

Spa Day : Organize facials for both you and your mom! Get a couple of face masks, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer. Use "face gym" tool such as a jade roller. If you want to take it to the next level, you can order a steam machine. You can also manicure and pedicure or back massage for the full spa experience!!

Watch her favorite movie together: Have an at home movie experience with popcorn! If you have a projector use that.

Make her favorite meal : This is a simple idea but you can take it to the next level. For example, last week was my mom's bday. One of her favorite meals is a brunch in NYC. I recreated a meal that she had there and as she enjoyed the food, I turned a slide show of NYC images of iconic views which played in the background. Simple way to make it a little more special :)

Organize a wine & paint night: Here is a link to an article of how to organize one and it lists out all the materials that you would need.

Take a virtual flower arranging class: here are a few options and you can select which is a best fit for you.

Do a virtual workout class: I mentioned it earlier during the gift guide portion of this post. With the workout studios currently closed, most gyms have virtual classes available so you can look into that and do your mom's favorite workout class. You can even find videos of workouts or yoga and create your own workout combination.

Go on a virtual museum tour: here is a link to a variety of museums and to their virtual tours and websites. You can connect your laptop to the TV, grab a glass or wine, sit back and explore the museums across the world :)

Have a picnic in your back yard: this idea was also mentioned above in the gift guide portion but wanted to reiterate it in case you missed it :)

Watch family home videos: go down memory lane and watch some of your old fam videos. If all of them are on VCR a thoughtful gift could be sending the tapes to a company so they are converted into DVDs or on a USB!

Hope this was helpful!


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