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  • Anna Makarova

multiple ways to wear a matching set

Hi All,

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I wanted to chat about matching sets. This is one of my recent obsessions and I am ready to wear sets all summer long. There are so many cute options out there: shorts and cropped tops, skirts and puff sleeve blouses, trousers with matching tops, you name it! Here I featured a midi skirt and a cropped top set which is currently on sale (!!!!) I am sure I will be sharing several other sets that I love throughout the summer but for this blog post I wanted to focus on how versatile matching sets can be...

One of the reasons why I love the trend is based on how buying a set can serve as a major wardrobe update for that season. You don't need to buy 10 new outfits at the beginning of each season, it can just be a couple of items but it will feel like you had a major wardrobe update just by mixing and matching the new set with the items you already had. And here is what I mean by that...

Of course, when you buy a set you naturally buy a new outfit as pictured above (1). You can pair up the top of the new set with a pair of shorts that you already had (2) as shown below.

You can also pair up the top with a staple piece in your closet such as a pair of your favorite jeans or another type of neutral bottoms like a jean skirt (3).

You can use this new top as a layering piece for an outfit such as wearing it with shortalls or overalls that you already have (4) OR wear it with a spaghetti strap dress which will make it look like a new dress all together especially if this layering top has something unique like puff sleeves (5). So just mixing and matching that top you already got 5 "new" outfits.

Now we are off to the bottoms of the set, in my case this skirt. You can wear it with a simple white tee tied to the side for a casual look (6).

Another option is to pair it up with a top or a blouse you already have that would be complementary to the skirt. It can have the skirt's color within the pattern of the blouse (7).

In some cases, if the set is with a midi or a maxi you can even repurpose a skirt into a dress especially if the waist has an elastic or made out of stretchy material (I know this is more out there and won't work with every skirt but can turn out very cute) as shown below (8). Will definitely be wearing this skirt as a dress this summer haha! Fun fact, there is actually a dress in this material (linked below in case anyone is interested) but why buy another piece when the skirt can kill two birds with one stone?! :)

The purpose of this blog post was to show how one matching set can turn into a staple piece in your wardrobe and serve as a major wardrobe update! Hope you enjoyed it and as always thank you for reading :)


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