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  • Anna Makarova

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recap

Hi fam,

I put together a shopping guide of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale products. I am not buying all of this (I wish but let's be honest no one needs THIS much stuff), this is just a guide and I know that everyone is looking for different things which is why I included a range of items. You can shop any of the items featured below by clicking the little black box with a + sign and it will take you directly to the item.

Here is an overview for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Every year around this time (this year it was postponed due to Covid-19) Nordstrom releases best sellers, new fall pieces at a discounted price. It's a great time to shop for fall and winter as the prices go back up at the end of the sale. All Nordstrom card members can shop the sale starting August 13th. If you don't have the card, public access for the sale will open August 19th. If you are itching to shop but your access doesn't open up until later, you can create a wishlist of items that you want online. Everyone can view the sale now you just can't shop until later unless you have specific status as a card holder. I am not going into all the details as it doesn't apply to a lot of people and the ones that it impacts already know about it.

Here are a couple tips first...

1) I think it's important to approach the sale with a budget in mind. This will help you prioritize and limit what you get as the sale can be overwhelming with SO many cute items to choose from.

2) Look at your fall/winter wardrobe items. The sale has great prices for staple pieces that you can reuse year after year. I tend to wear out my booties and boots (all shoes in general) in a season. So I seek out affordable booties during the sale as I know that's something I will use a lot during the cold months and an items that I actually need each year.

Side note, does anyone else wear out their shoes quickly? I don't know what's wrong with me whether or not I am walking incorrectly or because I live in the city and walk a lot but my shoes are lucky to make it through one season. And yes it even happens to high-end quality items :(

3) If you have been dreaming of buying a splurge item such as AllSaints leather jacket, Tory Burch tote, or Prada sunnies then this is a good time to finally get it as the prices for these items will go back up after the sale. A great way to think about it, if you have been wanting to get this item and have been thinking about it for a while then it's probably worth it and you will get use out of it.


Let's get started!

This is a good time to stock up on gifts whether it is for the holidays or birthdays that are coming up. If anything this year, I feel like gift sets are especially great.

I want to callout a couple of items: 1) The necklace is a Kate Spade personalized letter necklace. Great gift as it can be easily layered with other necklaces. 2) The slippers are Ugg and are SO cozy. Perfect gift for a homebody. 3) The socks and the cardigan on the bottom left corner of the image are Barefoot Dream brand and all the items are made out of the softest material ever! It's a great neutral gift and can work for any age. 4) Also the PJs shown here are incredibly soft and comfy. This is a great time to stock up on PJs for the year :)

Next category is loungewear. This is especially important since we are all spending a little more time at home than usually. Honestly all of the items here are highly reviews and are very soft. You can't go wrong with any of the items. One note, the set in the middle the image might sell out fast. Nordstrom has restocks planned on some of the items but not sure which ones and how much. They usually try to restock items as the sale opens up to more people every few days. The set is PJ Salvage brand which always comes up with the coziest lounge items and pajamas.

I love Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for getting a couple of new sweaters for the season. Here I linked my favorite puff sleeves, chunky sweaters, and cardigans.

The sweater in the top left corner is this year's Madewell's color-block cardigan option. They try to have at least one each year.

Next up is the athleisure/workout section. It's not super well-rounded (didn't include tanks or sports bras) but all of these items are great to grab during the sale. All of the Zella brand items at the top of the image are highly reviewed. The jacket reminds me of the Lululemon jacket that I have that is the fraction of the price so I highly recommend it!! And of course, if you have been thinking of getting a pair of fashion sneakers there are several options for you to choose from. I especially LOVE the Veja sneakers that have maroon V, great sneaker for fall, too!

The following category is beauty. Similarly to gift sets, I think this year beauty offers are amazing! You can't beat these deals.

One of the items I usually buy during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a pair of new booties as mentioned earlier. I LOVE all of these. The black and white booties with the opening on the side are the same ones and have a pretty silver detail on the heel. Great time to buy taupe booties as they have plenty to choose from.

Here I wanted to call out a couple of things: 1) faux leather leggings in the bottom left corner of the image are two different brands: Spanx and B.P. They are different prices but both have amazing reviews. These Spanx leggings usually go fast so if you have been wanting a pair then this is you chance to get them. 2) Nordstrom Sale is a great time to buy designer quality jeans. If you have wanted to get a pair of jeans like Paige, AG, Mother, Frame, rag & bone, Joe's Jeans the deals are pretty good. But from personal experience, I think Bloomingdale's Denim Days sale usually has even better deals for the same designer jeans.

I found a few great tops/ blouses shown below. I think in previous years there were more. I especially love the bodysuits featured in the middle and bottom right corner with a lace detail. Once I started wearing bodysuits, I prefer them over any other blouse/ top tucked in. They stay in place so you don't have to worry about fixing/ adjusting your outfit throughout the day.

Awesome accessories to choose from... I will be definitely getting the Gorjana necklace. The Quay sunnies are $35 on sale!! I also think this is a great time to buy accessories like hats and belts. Through fall and winter they can easily update any outfit.

Dresses and skirts category! I love the suede skirt. I got one last year and ended up wearing it so much. They usually have a variation of it each year as it's a highly demanded item. Cute with sweaters or blouses tucked in. Also goes well with booties and over-the-knee boots. I LOVE the rib dress. It also comes in black and I really hope I can get it. This is great piece that can be dressed up or down. Also wanted to mention that the dress in the bottom right corner of the image comes in three different colors all are beautiful!

Last but not least category is outerwear. The black leather jacket is a really good price. If you have been looking for one I highly recommend it. I love the maroon leather jacket but it is a splurge even on sale. Included it anyways because it's a great update to a simple black leather jacket and such a great transition piece for fall. I LOVE the plaid blazer. While we might not be going into the office any time soon, it's a great piece to throw over whatever you are wearing for those Zoom calls :)

Hope you enjoyed the sale recap! Let me know if I missed a category that you would want me to cover :)


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