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  • Anna Makarova

summer shoes

Hi All,

Thank you so much for reading! I wanted to thank you for subscribing and continuous support. It means the world <3

Today's post is a compilation of some of my favorite summer shoes as well as description of some of the trends that I noticed and read about! For S/S 2020 footwear, the perfect balance lies in the combination of style and comfort.

In terms of trends, square toe is considered as one of the main details for the season. I am a big fan of this trend. Here are some options ranging from flats to heels, single strap to multiple ones, block heel to stiletto heel.

Sustainability will also be an important factor going forward. Brands are exploring environmentally friendly innovations in textiles, vegetable-tanned leather and non-leather alternatives. Veja used to be one of the brands that I worked with. This is a French, sustainable brand that makes sneakers with raw materials from organic farming. The process avoids chemicals and polluting processes. Below I featured a couple of my favorite Veja sneakers. These sneakers have stayed hot and relevant. A year and a half ago, it was hard to keep them in stock and that is still the case today with many sizes often out of stock across many retailers.

Fashion sneakers will continue to stay relevant in the market as an option that incorporates style and comfort. It is so normal now to wear skirts and dresses with sneakers which wasn't the case a few years back if you were not a kid. In many cases now you can even wear fashion sneakers into the office. This is one of many examples of how the fashion world is prioritizing comfort. Here are some cute options below :)

I am personally a big fan of sandals with block heels. I think that is one of the most comfortable shoe options for the summer. The block heel provides stability so it never really feels like you are wearing heels all day. Highly recommend! Fun fact, I have had block heel pairs that I have traveled in and even walked over 14 miles in them in one day.

Whenever I need extra height for my outfit, such as for a long maxi dress or wide-leg pants, I often pair them up with espadrille platform shoes such as shown below by Dolce Vita.

I also have seen animal prints transfer into the summer sandals. From calf hair sandals to snake print to cheetah print, you will be able to find quite a few options.

Quilted detail is making an appearance. First noticed on the runway of the Bottega Veneta show has now been incorporated by more affordable designers such as Marc Fisher LTD shown on the first graphic in the baby blue color.

Last but not least, sphere-shaped heels have been seen across several retailers. I LOVE this update to the block heel that I have been wearing for years now :) Will have to test them out and let you know if those are just as comfortable as the block heels ;)

Another feature is that minimalistic aesthetic will be fundamental for future collections, stemming from the demand for effortless dressing. Most of the designs that you will see will be simple that will go with almost any outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this posts! What is your favorite kind of shoe for the summer? :)


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