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May 22, 2016










Hi all! I am a huge fan of hats. I think they have an ability to completely change the outfit. I strongly believe that a new accessory can turn an old dress/ outfit into  a new one! So if you want to update your closet without having a budget big enough for a new wardrobe just purchase new accessories like hats, shoes, bags, scarfs or even just new pieces of jewelry and I can guarantee you that an old outfit that you are used to wearing all the time will seem like a new one to everyone! I never leave accessories as an afterthought when I plan out my outfit. Accessories are what usually inspire me to compile an outfit not a skirt or a blouse. Accessories along with a smile can make a look! Here is how I paired up my hat with a navy dress. 


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animal print


western vibes (boots, coats hats)




plaid and checks prints


leather everything (but when is it ever out haha)


scarf patterns on clothes



faux fur (always)


2019 must-have trends

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