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December 12, 2016



Hi all, 


Hope everyone is having a great day! 


As the weather keeps getting colder I love wearing winter dresses with boots. It is such an easy way to pair up an outfit. I might be bias because I LOVE to wear dresses, but people often ask me why I wear dresses so often. One of the many reasons is that I think dresses are my easy "go-to" kind of pieces of the wardrobe. Think about it, when I choose to wear a dress, I just put it on and I am ready to go. While if I want to wear a top and a bottom and I need to take time and figure out what would go well together... Doesn't that make dresses sound like a much easier option? I definitely think it is! 


Let me know what you think! xoxo



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animal print


western vibes (boots, coats hats)




plaid and checks prints


leather everything (but when is it ever out haha)


scarf patterns on clothes



faux fur (always)


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