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August 5, 2017

Happy Saturday! 

It's August 5th! I can't believe that! Summer has flown by so fast, I don't want to blink and accidentally miss a moment or not enjoy every single day to the fullest! I am glad that in Virginia the weather will stay warm probably all the way through September so I still have a few more weeks of the summer weather which means a little bit more time to enjoy summer clothes!!!

Here is a dress with the pattern that has been impossible to miss this summer! I usually refer to it as the banker stripes. This season you could find dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, pants, even bathing suits in this pattern! However, I am a sucker for stripes so I enjoyed this trend to the fullest :) 

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. Sometimes it may seem scary and bold, but it's a perfect thing to try out during summer! Here I paired up floral shoes with a stripes dress and really enjoyed how it turned out. Both of the items are light so I think it didn't seem like too much. 


I love so many things about this dress. The off-the-shoulder top, the flared sleeves, the pattern etc., but another great thing about it is that it was only $30! What a deal! I got it at TJ Maxx and I am really pleased with my find :) This dress is perfect for traveling because it's so light! You can also use it as a cover up to go to the beach. By using a belt that came with it it looks a lot more casual and simple. I chose to add the camel-colored leather belt as a way to dress it up. I think it's so easy to change up a belt in an outfit or a dress and give it a completely different look! xoxo 

What clothing items have been you summer go-to? 





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animal print


western vibes (boots, coats hats)




plaid and checks prints


leather everything (but when is it ever out haha)


scarf patterns on clothes



faux fur (always)


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