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February 15, 2018


In honor of Valentine's Day yesterday (that I spent in bed with a flu, I know a very romantic way to celebrate the day) and my grandmother's birthday today, I thought I would write a post about love that's fitting for the season. One of the best lessons that I received in life so far, was from my grandmother, who lives her life by the motto of "love the person in front of you". 


Now, let me take a step back and describe my sweet grandmother. She is an absolute angel who loves everyone she meets. For most of her life she worked as a teacher and principal. She had to work with students from all sorts of backgrounds but no matter what she truly loved each and everyone of them. She is now retired, and her prior students from many many years ago still keep in touch and visit her. Everyone she meets turns into a friend!


I am always amazed by how much love she has to give. My grandma is such an inspiration to me. To be more loving to people around me. After all, we all have our baggage in life, so instead of judging or feeling negative emotions towards someone, my goal in life is to be more like my grandmother and love each person for who he or she is. 



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