• Anna Makarova

How to Take a Break from the Web

In today's day and age, when social media is such a major part of our day-to-day lives, it is still important to find time to live in the moment and to unplug! Don't get me wrong, I love reading other blogs, keeping up with my friends' Instas and reading articles on Twitter, but I also value the time that I get to unplug. I think it's healthy to find that kind of time and appreciate every moment. So I decided to write this post about different ways that I like to enjoy my screen-free time!

1. Read a book - yes and not on a tablet or iPad! I like to put away my phone not to get distracted. If you are easily distracted by the phone screen glow (I know I am), I usually put my phone on "don't disturb mode" or flip it over. This might seem silly but it has helped me in the past! Sometimes I have to refer to stricter methods such as turning it off and putting it away into a drawer. Yes, it might seem extreme but it works!

2. Workout - such an easy way to occupy your time in a healthy way! And even though sometimes it's harder to get started, I like to remind myself how amazing it feelings after the workout! You and your body will thank you for this later on :) My favorite ways to workout are to play tennis or go to a Pure Barre class! What about you?

3. Go on a hike - I love this one because you can make a fun trip out of it with your friends or family! For me phone service usually doesn't work when I am hiking in the mountains so that's a perfect way to escape the screens and social media!

4. Meditate or do a quick yoga routine - This is great if you want to unplug from social media and the rest of the world for just a short amount of time. YouTube is perfect if you need something to get yourself started! I know you would need a screen for that part but only for the first couple of times, after that you will remember it and won't need it anymore :) But even just 10-15 minutes of meditating is such a great way to rest and refocus on what's important! I love doing that in the middle of a long day of studying. Really helps me to feel refreshed! 5. Give your phone to a friend - Another option is if you plant to spend time with someone else, give your phone to your friend! That will keep you from checking your phone which is my bad habit! My friend Peyton and I do that when we have to study and focus on something, but that also works for just taking time off from the phone and social media!

6. To-do list - If you have a lot of things that you need get done, make a list. First write the tasks that you don't mind doing or might even enjoy to kind of get started. Once you start checking those things off, you will be more motivated to even do things that you might not be too excited about. By getting into this rhythm of things to do, I usually forget about my phone and consequently have a more productive day. How do you like to escape from the screens and unplug? I would love to hear what you guys do! xoxo

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