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when it's summer in October

Happy Fall Y'all...

except it doesn't even feel like fall! Here in Virginia daily temperatures for the last few weeks have been 80+ degrees! I am usually a fan of warm temperatures but by now I am ready for for fall weather and fall attire! However, fall is one of my favorite seasons so I am determined to find time in the midst of crazy life to enjoy fall festivities.

Today I would like to share some of the things on my fall to do list!

1. Decorate my apartment for fall!

2. Go pumpkin carving/ decorating with friends!

3. Go apple picking

4. Go on a hike to enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall

5. Go to a football game

6. Bake a pumpkin pie and make a pumpkin roll (my absolute favorite that I make each year around Thanksgiving time)

7. Drink hot apple cider

8. Make a list of what I am thankful for

9. Go through a corn maze

10. Stock up on fall-scented candles ( I have already started working on this one. Trader Joe's currently has the BEST vanilla-pumpkin scented candle that's only $3.99 and smells incredible!!)

11. Dress up for Halloween and give out candy on the Lawn (a tradition here at University of Virginia)

12. Make a Friends-giving dinner and Thanksgiving Dinner with the fam

13. Go on a run in a fall-crisp air (if it ever cools off!)

14. Go to a farmer's market

This is my list for now! What is something you look forward to doing this fall? Would love to hear from you guys!!

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