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  • Anna Makarova

goals for 2019

Hi All,

I felt like I couldn't truly call this a resolutions post! For starters, it's about a month late, but also why should a start of a year mean that it's the ONLY time for me to set new goals. I think it's good to reflect on goals every-so-often, no matter what time of the year it is. You can always have a fresh start, whenever you wish to do so! I wrote them before the start of 2019 but with lots of traveling and busy time at work haven't been able to share this on the blog until now. I know that I don't always stick to my resolutions (I have followed through with several believe it not haha), but I think every year is worth a try.

Every year, there are a few resolutions that I feel like I automatically include but I consider it a successful year if I were just a bit better in that category than the year before.... for example, here is my first resolution.

1. Strive towards a healthy lifestyle. One this is very general, but there is a reason I like to keep it that way... Health is made up of so many components. Healthy lifestyle includes, being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. And even within those categories there are so many things that can be a part of it. Being physically healthy includes eating healthy, staying active, working out, going on walks, etc. Every since i moved to the city, I have been walking more, and I absolutely love it. It truly makes me happy to go for a walk so it's good for me physically and mentally.

2. Read more books. My friend, Kirby inspired me to add this one to the list. One of many reasons why I miss college is that I haven't been reading as much as I used to, so hopefully by setting this goal I will be better about reading. I set a concrete goal of reading 20 books by the end of 2019. To some of you, this might seem like a low number, but I think it's better to take realistic steps and know yourself and how much you can realistically achieve.

3. Be more proactive not reactive. This is a bit vague.. I have noticed that there are things in life that scare me and in situations like that I often try to avoid them. It can be little things, that just need to be done but I dread doing them, and often procrastinate getting things done which can snowball into something more serious or create an endless amount of things I don't want to face... Being more proactive will hopefully allow me to avoid situations like that. I know, easier said than done, but hey worth a shot :)

4. Learn a new skill or a few. After trying something new, I feel so accomplished and often inspired. So naturally, should I seek more situations like that? This can range from trying a new recipe to going rock climbing (maybe) to learning how to sow or expanding my knowledge in photography... the list is truly endless of things I want to try/ pick up new skills.

5. Reflect more. I don't do this enough. There are so many things I can learn from daily and I feel like I take things for granted by not reflecting enough and learning from everyday.

6. Write something I am thankful for daily. This ties into one of my other goals of journaling. So far I have been successful with this one so yay to this little victory!! :)

7. Travel more. Seek opportunities to travel (as budget allows lol). I realized that when I travel, it awakens my senses and makes me so happy. I know that some people dread flying or living out of a suitcase but it doesn't bother me because all the excitement and new adventures overshadow all the "negatives" of traveling.

8. Prioritize time with loved ones. Find time to keep up with family overseas, in Virginia, and friends from college who are all over the world now. Recently, my mom reminded me that the time that we have with our loved ones is limited and it's important to find time and prioritize it with them. You don't want to lose touch and consequently distance yourself from someone who is important in your life. So maybe the 30 minutes I spend on Instagram one night can be turned into 30 minutes phone call catching up with a loved one.

9. Drink more water. First of all this is literally the necessity that I often deprive my body of. It's sad how little water I drink on daily basis. Honestly surprised my body is still functioning. One way that I am trying to ease myself into this is by drinking sparkling water more rather than coffee or tea. And once I am choosing sparkling water more often, I hope I can gradually transfer to regular water. It's all about making baby steps.

10. Be more aware of the news. I am so saddened to admit that I have been slacking in this category. I used to be so good about reading the news when I was a college student and now life just keeps getting in the way. I don't want to let that slide and a few years go by without me being aware of what is happening in the world. Without knowing and being aware of the events that happen in our day to day how will I be able to make an informed choice when voting?

This is just a few of my main goals for the foreseeable future! What are some of you goals/ resolutions? Would love to hear from you :)

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