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  • Anna Makarova

reflecting on 2019

Hi All,

Happy New Year friends! Oh what a year it has been. I am so thankful for all the things that happened this year for all the ups and downs. If we didn't have the lows in life then we wouldn't appreciate the highs!

This past week for Christmas I spent a week with my parents in Tampa. It was so nice and relaxing. I had a chance to slow down and reflect on this year and pray about the things that I should improve on in the next year.

One of the things I wanted to focus on in this post is what made 2019 a great year. It is the people in my life. I treasure all the friendships I make along this journey and it's the people who made this year one of the best. I strongly believe that everyone who enters our lives does so for a reason and I appreciate all the people who are along for the ride, who support me, who love me, who challenge me and help me grow as a person.

As we enter new stages in life ex: graduating college or high school, moving cities, getting a new job etc., it's easy to lose connection with people who mean a lot to you. Life is crazy busy and each relationship takes a lot of time and effort. But to me the highlights this year were when I got to reconnect with old friends, adult with friends who currently live with me in NYC, do fun trips with friends, and feel the support from friends when I was going through difficult times.

So here are to the people in my life, you are so appreciated and loved! Thank you for making 2019 so memorable <3

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