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  • Anna Makarova

Easter at home ideas

Hi All,

Easter is right around the corner but it won't be the usual Easter that we are all used to. I still decided to put together Easter outfit ideas in case you and your family are planning to dress up while celebrating from home. If you have been rocking your yoga pants and oversized old tee look for the past couple of weeks like me, Easter is a great reason to dress up and shake up your quarantine routine. But if you are not into the idea of dressing up for Easter this year, here are some ideas for casual Easter at home outfits as well :) All the outfits are linked below for your convenience!!

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Easter at home:

1. Wake up and listen to a worship playlist. Here is Easter 2020 Spotify playlist

2. Tune into a church service. Due to the current times, many churches have virtual services available now. If your church doesn't have streaming capabilities, you could "visit" another church. This could be a cool opportunity to "visit" a famous Cathedral or another church and see their Easter services. Here is a link to Washington National Cathedral. Here is a link to my old church in Charlottesville.

3. Schedule a virtual hang out session with family and friends. Just because we can't gather together in person doesn't mean we can't celebrate this special day virtually. You can even coordinate to have the same meal time with your extended family and all eat "together".

4. Give an offering. Just because we are not going to be in an actual church on Easter doesn't mean we can't give an offering. This can be an Easter-inspired donation towards a cause that you are passionate about. During this difficult time a lot of people and organizations need help. This can be a donation to your church, a local food pantry, any organization that provides meals for less fortunate could use our help at this time. Here are a couple of organizations for ideas : 1) I had an opportunity to volunteer at Meals on Wheels and drop off meals for senior citizens who need them. This organization has a special place in my heart. 2) Feeding America - as schools closed many children rely on meals provided by schools. Feeding America works with the School Lunch Program to make sure no child goes hungry while being out of school.

5. Send Easter cards. This can also be an arts-and-crafts Easter activity if you want to! I looked through some Pinterest ideas and thought these were cute DIY cards: option one and option two.

6. Make a classic Easter recipe. This can be deviled eggs, breakfast casserole, or bunny shaped pancakes :)

How are you celebrating Easter this year?

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