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  • Anna Makarova

eras tour outfit ideas

Hi to all my Swifties! It's fascinating how much influence Taylor Swift has on her fans!!! It can be seen in two ways : a) how much people are willing to spend on a ticket (if you didn't get it when they first came out and have to buy it through re-sellers). It's wild the fans are welling to spend thousands of dollars to see her. b) people dressing up as one of TS's eras for her stadium concert. People are going above and beyond putting unique outfits together to represent one of Taylor's different eras. Retailers are creating curated assortment that would fit those eras and marketing it to shoppers. Rental services (Fashion Pass, Rent-the-Runway) are marketing outfits that would fit one of those eras promoting customers to get a subscription and wear one of those outfits.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the tickets to the concert (boo ticket master) but I know so many of you girlies are going to the concert so wanted to create some looks that might help you put together your eras looks :)

Linking the outfits below each image!

Hope you like these looks! :)


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