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  • Anna Makarova

Spring looks for less

Hi All,

I missed you all and this space! It's been a while since I shared on the blog. From starting a new job back in October to going through some family things and before you know it and it's June 2021! Where has the time gone?! I really miss styling new looks and sharing all things fashion, so hoping I can add it back to my routine.

About a year ago, I remember writing a blog post and compiling cute lounge outfits, thankfully this Spring we should be able to have more opportunities to dress up :) I don't know about you guys, but I miss dressing up! I crave wearing dresses, blouses, jumpsuits, skirts, even jeans, anything but a sweatshirt with leggings which let's be honest has been my go-to for most days...

Today, I would like to share some affordable looks for spring that will transition well into summer.

First look is with this floral, feminine midi dress. Pair it up with a denim jacket and you have a spring uniform :) Love this block heel and the braided top of the shoe.

Here are some cute affordable romper options! This particular one has statement puff sleeves. If you are not a fan of puff sleeves, I will tag some other options below the image :) This look makes me want to go on a vacation somewhere tropical to wear this look with a straw hat. Wear this romper with the pink lipstick and it will bring out the light pink flowers on this fabric. As I often do, I included one of my all-time favorite transformer necklaces from Gorjana. You can adjust it to be short necklace, long, chocker, or flip it to drape it over in the back.

Next up, is this beautiful, yellow, smocked dress. It's such a flattering fit on any body type. And I love a pop of color for the warm seasons. Pair it up with colorful shoes and a lipstick the same shade for a cohesive look! I LOVE straw bags for warm months and these two are great options. Mango has some great bags that are trendy but won't break a bank.

This look is featured at the beginning. Babydoll dresses are so trendy this year but create a clean, classic look. Pair it with a statement headband to complete the look :) Madewell has a lot of amazing accessories. I recently bought rings from Madewell and they are such a good quality. I have worked out in them, washed my hands and the rings maintain their shape and don't tarnish. When I styled it in the pictures at the beginning, I used a silk scarf that I had as a hair band accessory! Get creative with what you already have :)

Crochet tops are must-haves if you are looking to update your wardrobe for spring/ summer seasons. I love this very affordable top with cute flutter sleeves. Perfect to pair up with a jean mini skirt, jeans, or shorts.

Last look for the post (but certainly not least), is this Free People-like top at a very affordable price point. Tuck it into a pair of jean shorts and complete the look with these trendy accessories.

Majority of these apparel pieces featured in the images have something in common... they all come from Walmart at a very affordable price. If you want to keep up with the trends without breaking a bank each season, find trendy items at an affordable price and buy a couple of the pieces. It will refresh your closet and help you create new outfits with the items you already have. I bought some of these pieces myself and my family and friends who complimented outfits were pleasantly surprised that it came from Walmart :) If you decide to explore I highly recommend checking out brands Scoop and Free Assembly!


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