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Hi friends,

This is long overdue but I wanted to share with you my Mediterranean Adventures. It was truly a wonderful trip filled with so many new experiences! I love traveling and exploring new cultures. I love how diverse this world is. That's what makes it beautiful and so interesting to explore!

I want to thank my parents for being proponents of traveling! I admire their fun trips and their love for exploring this world. Without them this trip would not have been possible! <3

First off, this was a Mediterranean trip and we began it in Barcelona, Spain. This is post number one of the Mediterranean Adventures series and will be focusing solely on Spain. Future posts will showcase other cities that we visited. This was my first time in Spain and I absolutely loved it! There is so much to see in the city of Barcelona and I felt like four days was not enough to see it all so I definitely hope that one day I am fortunate to come back and see what else this city has in store. We were able to see this city from ground, air, and water, and it looked marvelous from every angle (literally). We arrived on the first day in the evening and decided to go for a walk. We were able to make it all the way to Sagrada Familia all lit up! It looked so mysterious the way it was lit up and massive!! Antoni Gaudi was incredibly talented. There was a whole tour that we could have done going through all the artsy places that he has designed but we ran out of time. Definitely on my bucket list to see all of them one day. The next day we went on a trip through Baga, Spain, Andorra (tiny country), and a small town in France. It was great to see the places that we would never see otherwise, but it was definitely a lot of driving for one day. Andorra has great ski resorts and shopping so if you are interested in either one, I would recommend visiting that neat place. The following day, we spent a day walking through the city, going on a skylift, and at the end of the day traveling to Montserrat. So many sights to see, it was overwhelmingly wonderful! The trip to Montserrat especially stood out to me. The panoramic views were breathtaking. For those of you planning a trip to Barcelona, I would definitely recommend to save some time for Montserrat. There are different ways of getting to it. One is to hike and another one is to take a train. Due to the weather and time limit we chose to go on a train, but I think it would be so fun to hike to it one day. If you want to see beautiful sights that we saw in Barcelona click here for more pictures. The photos are done by my talented mom and through her photos I can guarantee you will feel like you have visited Barcelona, Spain with us! :) On our final day in Barcelona, we started off by visiting Barcelona Cathedral. I loved learning the interesting historical facts about Barcelona and embraced being a tourist with my Go-Pro and map! After that, we went on a helicopter tour and boat adventure. The views were amazing! And my mom was in heaven photographing every bit of it click here for more pictures. The weather in the middle of December was not that bad. It was mostly in the 50s. As shown in the pictures above some days I was okay with a sweater, other days I relied on the "traveling trench coat", or as I refer to it now since it was a life saver and I wore it a LOT on this trip. However, one day we were very lucky and it was sunny in the 60s so I even took off my baggy sweater and was okay in a long-sleeve shirt. What is you favorite part about Spain or Barcelona in particular? Or what are places you hope to visit in the future? Comment below! I love hearing what people have done or plan to do! If you made it to the end of this looooooonnnngggg post, thank you for reading! And hope you enjoyed it and will come back for more posts of the Mediterranean Adventures in the near future. XOXO,


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