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Magical Marseille

Hi all,

today I am continuing to share my incredible adventures this past winter throughout the Mediterranean. It was the second stop of our trip in the city of Marseille. This was my first time visiting Marseille and the day there was absolutely magical. The panoramic views of the town are breathtaking and I simply didn't want to leave this beautiful place.

My favorite part was seeing exploring nature in the National Park "des Calanques". The panoramic drive along the coast seemed unreal. After our trip to the Park we went to a tiny town outside of Marseille called Cassis. This town seemed like a place that would be in a movie.

It is located on the coast and we got to stroll along the street there that is located on the water. Something about the pastel colored buildings on the side of a mountain next to majestic cliff, and sail boats all together I just find magical. The weather was perfect that day because the sun was so bright and warmed up the whole place. We got to enjoy our lunch outside which was just a 'cherry on top' of this fun day.

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