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  • Anna Makarova

Genova, Italy

Hi guys,

these photos were taken in the beautiful Genova (or Genoa), Italy. It is a town filled with so much history and beautiful squares. It is located on the mountainous coast of Italy. I love how the houses cover the mountain sides. It is so charming! These photos were taken in the Piazza de Ferrari. As you walk through the city there are palaces and important historical buildings on every corner. Sometimes you don't even realize it!

For traveling I recommend bringing pieces of clothing that you would need to wear a lot such as coat, shoes, scarves that are more neutral and would go with any outfit. For example, in this case I brought black booties that are very comfortable and versatile. I wore them almost everyday and that way was able to save on not bring many pairs of shoes to change each day. My trench coat was also great for traveling. It looks good with skirts, dresses or pants. It was warm enough for the Mediterranean countries in December. A few days it would get warm and I didn't mind carrying it around because of how light it is. It was also great for unexpected rain showers. My scarf was an accessory that would brighten up my neutral travel wardrobe. It was always a pop of color no matter what kind of outfit I chose to wear. Bringing a few different types of black tops was also a good call, because let's be honest, black goes with everything and sometimes there is nothing wrong with rocking an ABO :)

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