• Anna Makarova

When in Rome

Oh how much I love Rome! I feel like it is a city that you can't get tired of visiting! Each time that I was lucky enough to be here I always leave more and more amazed by it.

The day my family and I were in Rome was a cold one! We planned to walk around all day and for some reason I didn't expect it to be that cold so I had to turn to my big bag and thankfully had my scarf and gloves there which helped me out A LOT! That's why it never hurts to be prepared for any type of situation, or in my case an excuse to carry around a bag. Rome has SO MUCH to see! I don't think it's is possible to truly see it all in one trip! As touristy as it is, the Colosseum is one of my favorite sights. It is so impressive that such a long time ago the builders were able to create a building of such quality that it is still standing. I love it! This sight has been through it all and "witnessed" how the world has evolved.

Trevi Fountain is another favorite of mine. I always throw a coin and hope to be back in Rome. So far it has been working ;) Everywhere you go in Rome you are impressed by the history and architecture the city has to offer! I love that all the places are within walking distance. It's fun to stroll around the city and explore all its hidden treasures! What are you favorite places to see in Rome? Or in other cities in Italy? I really hope to visit Florence, Venice, Verona, and of course Milan some day!

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