• Anna Makarova

Marina walk, Dubai

Dubai is a very impressive city! Tallest buildings, biggest malls, fanciest cars, best hotels etc you name it! One of my favorite parts was strolling along the marina with impressive skyscrapers rising right in front of our eyes! It seemed like the sky is the limit for Dubai and I found that very inspiring.

In 1970s there was barely anything there except for the desert! Now it's one of the world's biggest cities! In less than 50 years the city sprang up from the ground and continues to impress the rest of the world. Traveling makes me realize how much this world has to offer! I enjoyed learning from other people and other cultures on our trip! It definitely "widens my horizons" haha.

I love wearing maxi dresses! It makes me feel dressed up without putting a lot of effort into an outfit! By adding a jean jacket the outfit was more casual for the day and then for a nice evening cruise dinner I took off the jean jacket and the outfit looked more formal! It's a great option for a long day of exploring a city! Jean jackets are also great for traveling because they don't get wrinkled easily so no matter how long it stays on the bottom of your suitcase it will look fresh. Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses for this summer! Enjoy! xoxo

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