• Anna Makarova

Hair : Fishtail with a Twist

I am a big fan of braiding hair and trying out new braids in general! There are so many original braids that one can do! One of my classic go-to's the fishtail braid. In order to make the hairstyle a little bit more interesting I added the "twist crown" at the top.

To start off this braid, I twisted a inch-thick strand of hair starting at where I usually part my hair on both sides. I twisted it towards the back until the two twists meet in the middle. At that moment, I secured the low ponytail with a clear elastic so that it wouldn't untwist. After that, I separated the low ponytail into two equal parts.

Next step, I took a small strand from one side and connected it to the other side of the pony-tail. I continued to repeat these steps alternating sides.

Make sure to keep each strand about the same size if you want the fishtail to look neat. If you are going for a messy look then feel free to differentiate in the size of each strand that you take.

When you reach the end of your hair, secure the braid with a clear elastic band. After that, I usually like to pull apart certain strands, starting at the bottom of the braid to make it look fuller.

And you are done! :) This hair style takes 5 minutes. If you are having a hard time braiding a fishtail don't get frustrated, it seems like a difficult braid at first but the more you practice the easier it will be for you to braid it.

Let me know what you think! Also leave a comment if you have a request for what kind of hairstyles you would like me to try out :) xoxo

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