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  • Anna Makarova

snake braid tutorial

Hi All,

It has been a while since I have shared some of my daily hair styles. Here is a braid that I did last week. It's a very simple hair style that only took a minute or two.

Great option for when you want to wear your hair down but want to add a little something to it.

Here are all the steps for it!

1. Separate a section from the rest of the hair that you want to braid. This depends on how big you want the braid to be. Snake style braid is especially good for smaller section that can be pinned back. I separated about a two-inch strand at the front of my left side.

2. Start braiding a regular, three-piece braid. The longer you want the snake braid to be the further you should keep braiding the section of hair that you separated. As you can see here, I left out the ends of the braid but could have kept braiding it further.

3. When you are done braiding the regular braid, pull out the middle strand and hold together the outside strands. Once you have that grip, move the two, outside strands up against the braid, towards your head.

4. When you get to the roots of your hair, spread out and adjust the snake braid how you want it to be. Once you are happy with how it looks, secure the braid with an invisible hair ties or bobby pins as shown below.

And you are done!! Very simple hair style but braid itself looks deceivingly complicated! If you have a formal occasion you are going to, you can add loose curls to the rest of your hair after adding the side braid :)


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