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  • Anna Makarova

floral favorites

Hi Friends,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you guys are doing well.

As mentioned in one of the previous blogs, I love sets, and this is just another great matching set that I found. If you missed that blog post click here to read it.

This floral set is from Abecrombie. It seems like I used to shop there back in middle school years but then stopped until recently. I honestly love how much the company has changed and how much more inclusive they are now. I also adore the styles that they have been producing and this is not the first A&F look that I am sharing check out this post for more.

This is a light, linen set perfect for summer! I love this pattern but it also comes in a few more colors. The top is currently on sale under $35!!

I wanted to share some of the florals that I am loving right now. This is one of my favorite patterns to wear during spring and summer seasons. Hope you like this selection! :)


Daisy update: Wow she has brought so much love and joy to our lives. I love love love dogs and Daisy has reminded me how loyal and loving dogs are. They love you no matter what. As the world is going through so much uncertainty, needless to say there has been a little more stress and anxiety in life and she has been my therapy dog. I am sure there are studies that have been done on this but I feel like just by holding her some of that stress and anxiety goes away. The way she greets you every time she sees you (overjoyed like you have been apart for ages and finally reunited) just brightens up any gloomy day. I think we as humans can learn a thing or two from how loving and loyal dogs are! This might sound silly but I also think she has helped me work on my patience, especially when training her. She is a little bundle of joy that I am thankful for every single day <3

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!!!


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